01 Vladimir Nefedov

CEO Born in 1980 in Minsk, Belarus, Vladimir Nefedov has directed numerous commercials and music videos for such clients as Wargaming, MTS, Volkswagen, BonAqua, Belarusbank, Vegas and etc. Studied art of direction in Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. In the 2009 year took part in festival Cannes Lions in category Young Lions Film. At the moment, he is working on his debut web-series «The Cube».

Samsung Galaxy S8 Client — Samsung Ukraine/Agency - Cheil Ukraine
Klinskoe beer - Home party Client — Klinskoe beer/AGENCY - Most Creative Club
Belorussian Children’s Hospice - The Value of Time Client — Belorussian Children’s Hospice
The Cube. Episode 1 “Bag Raiders”. Pilot episode. Client — The Cube
Belarusbank - Peaceful sky Client — BELARUSBANK/AGENCY - FORTE GREY
BRUTTO&MC SHAYBA - 12 monkeys
Onega - Just Brutal Client — ONEGA/AGENCY - SALMON PROXIMITY
Koko Stephane - I’m going crazy Client — KOKO STEPHANE
STS Channel - Central microphone Client — STS Channel Russia/Agency - Good Story Media
Zorka - The story is just beginning Client — ZORKA/AGENCY - SMART GROUP
02 Drago Sholev

Director In the past I was young and promising, now I am mature and experienced. In last 10 years I have made 1 feature film, 1 documentary, about 9 short films, and more than 300 commercials. I have participated in thousands of festivals and I have won couple awards. Now I am writing my second feature script.

Belarusbank - Evolution Client — BELARUSBANK/AGENCY - FORTE GREY
Easy Credit - Summer is a Passion Client — Nitram, Sofia
M tel Client — M TEL Bulgaria/Agency - DM&B Sofia
Milkavita - Happiness with Milkavita Client — MILKAVITA/AGENCY - TDI GROUP
MTS - Big screens Client — MTS/Agency - Forte Grey
Mtel - 20 years Client — M tel/Agency - Smarts
Mtel Ivan Client — M TEL Bulgaria/Agency - DMB Viena
So Independent FF clip 01 Client — Drago Sholev
Vodka Alaska Client — Vinprom Peshtera Bulgaria/Agency - McCann Erickson Sofia
Vodka Serkova - Join the excitemenet Client — Vodka Serkova/Agency - Frank
VolksWagen Sportsvan teaser Client — VW/Agency - BMG